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Quality in content

Give your content the professionalism it deserves!

Quality in function

Have those website glitches found before your clients find them for you!

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Are your clients forever calling you up for clarification? Do they complain about a lack of professionalism or quality? Are your materials showing signs of inconsistency? Are you just too darned busy to worry about it all?

Increase client satisfaction

Remove ambiguity for your readers

Gain consistency across your materials

Improve professionalism and credibility

Free up your time for what you do best!


Quality in content


Spelling and grammar check only
(US or UK English)

A$30 per 1000 words or part thereof



Copyediting, style formatting, and feedback on content
Email copy, scientific research papers, and everything in between!

A$50 per 1000 words or part thereof



Writing email and website content, blog articles, course content, procedure manuals and more

A$100 per 250 words or part thereof

Quality in function

Website creation

Website design and build

A$1200 flat rate for standard website

Visit the following for examples:



Website functionality check

Checking your existing website works without a glitch!
Includes feedback on usability

A$90 per page up to 10 pages, A$30 per additional page
(Minimum per website: A$900)



“When Tira joined our team in 2001, her keen eye for accuracy and high organisational skills were well suited to editing and managing academic peer-reviewed journals in areas as diverse as Bionics and Proteomics. Tira worked efficiently under pressure and was a pleasure to work with.”  

Kate Broughton

Editor, Northland


“Tira helped me to create new content for the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification Course. Fastidious by nature, she is a great resource for project work.”

Reed Davis

Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Website design and build

“I found Tira from Qualitira excellent to work with in setting up my website and getting it live. She went out of her way to help me in areas I had no idea of, and she saved me many hours of frustration. Her ideas for visual layout and content were excellent, and just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend Tira to be your web designer/website copywriter.”

Sharon Bramley


“Tira is wonderful to work with. She totally ‘got’ my idea of how I wanted my site to look. I am super happy with the results and have had many compliments as to the quality of my website.”

Shauna Gourley


“Updating an ageing, mobile-device unfriendly website was a daunting prospect. Tira built the new Mahu Mag. from the ground up and quickly and efficiently migrated the more than 600 pages of content. Respect and appreciation, not least of all for the detailed user manual.”

Cimino Cole


Meet Tira

Tira is behind Qualitira, bringing a 20-year history of quality assurance in the scientific publishing, health training and software development industries.


Copyediting scientific and medical research papers


Researching and writing nutrition and lifestyle training materials


Documenting procedures and writing technical training manuals


WordPress website design and build


Quality assurance testing in the software development industry

Hello, and welcome!

My name is Tira Cole, and as the name Qualitira might suggest, I live and breathe quality assurance. Whatever my role since the 1990s, whether updating legislative publications, editing scientific papers, writing training materials in the field of nutrition and health, or testing software and web applications, I have been dedicated to quality.

I love to work with ethically minded organisations and people who are passionate about what they do. Subject areas closest to my heart are nutrition, health and the environment.

When I work with you, to help me do the best for you and your company, I will want to get a feel for your products and services and what your company stands for. Feeling part of your team, even if for only a short while, is very important to me, as is working for the greater good.


Send a message, and Tira will respond within one business day.

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Tira can work with you wherever you are in the world.